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Монтпројект д.о.о.

MONTPROJEKT - 20 years of work

Dear friends!

Over 20 years, MONTPROJEKT has grown from a small, but successful, and the company with the vision, into the one of the leading companies in the construction of electric power facilities and the performance of electrical installation works.

Thanks to its personnel, business and financial resources, today MONTPROJEKT is able to accept and successfully carry out the largest and most complex technological projects.

Our strengths are quality, construction times, reliability and security.

Our team consists of 14 licensed engineers, whose experience was gained by working on an extremely complex and demanding facilities that MONTPROJEKT built during its first 20 years. We employ around fifty highly qualified and skilled installers who are competent to work independently on the most complex objects and operations.

Experienced lawyers and economists make the logistics sector that cares about organization of other business activities and manufacturing processes. The manufacturing sector of our company has been proven on the most challenging projects in Serbia, such as NIS refinery Pancevo, FIAT, Kronospan, Smelter Bor, and on almost all power plants.

Our engineers and leading installers regularly attend the professional specializaton and lectures as well as special trainings in the company SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, EPCOS and others.

The result of the training and specialization is our ability to, without the assistance of foreign experts, set up and put in operation the most complex installations of these manufacturers. We were the first in the country to install the latest 40kV plant SIEMENS NX Plus in SF6 technology, as well as 36kV plant from the manufacturer SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

Video about the most significant projects of MONTPROJEKT

In office buildings and equipment, MONTPROJEKT has invested 10 million euros. Today we own the business, manufacturing and warehouse space area of 5.000m2 and the location area of 20.000m2. For production facilities we had purchased the latest numerical machines from the world's most famous manufacturers (TRUMPF, LVD, EHRT). The capacity of these machines will meet the needs for the next 10 years.

Our company is very financially stable, has been listed at all commercial banks, and may, at any time, obtain a very high guarantee.

Our plan is that by the end of 2014. from our own funds build and equip another production building area of 1.800m2.

Dear friends, we are proud of all the recognition and gratitude that we received during the two decades. Nothing is more valuable than the fact that we are helping those who need help: hospitals, schools and humanitarian institutions. We are especially proud of our donations and contribution for building the Hilandar monastery, then building the Church Sveti Sava in Belgrade, and our one-year work on the reconstruction of Decani monastery dormitory, which was completed recently.

I hope that is not immodest as to emphasize that MONTPROJEKT was declared the ECONOMIC WINNER OF THE CITY OF BELGRADE for the year 2004.

Business results would not be complete or sufficient if we leave out employee care. The greatest potential of our company are our employees and because of that, the company is always ready to help its employees, whether in times of family trouble or in resolution of these issues, such as purchasing an apartment, where we have so far secured 25 long-term interest-free loans.

Safety at work, equipment procurement and training are crucial and indispensable condition to perform daily tasks. We are among the first in the country to launch the standards relating to safety at work and environmental protection which are binding for all our employees. Our future plans are ambitious and facing development. New technologies, green energy, renewable energy... All of these are areas in which we are developing and where we have yet to conquer new horizons.

And to remind you. We celebrate our anniversary marked by acts and scientific greatness of genius Nikola Tesla, who, faced with incomprehension and rejection by the U.S. business community, wrote: "Let the future tell the truth, judge each man according to his work and merit. Present is theirs, but the future is mine! "

I greet you deeply convinced that the future is ours!