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Монтпројект д.о.о.


Development of Montprojekt

Since founding in 1993. Montprojekt has been dynamically developed, especially in terms of personnel, use of modern work methods, technical equipment and a large number of successfully completed projects. In 1998. Montprojekt had signed a contract with a reputable global company Siemens for the distribution of low voltage equipment and thus becomes the first distributor on the territory of Republic of Serbia, with a stock of low voltage equipment.

The next step in the development was the signing of the Agreement on Technical Cooperation with Siemens in 2001., when Montprojekt became a Technology partner for licensed production of type-tested switchboards for type SIVACON 8PT.

Implementation and development of the new technologies in the renewable energy sources, especially in the use of wind power, has influenced the decision to start the projects in this area. It was enabled with the license for project development and management of construction work on electrical installations of high and medium voltage for production of energy from renewable energy sources.

A new generation of type-tested switchboards SIVACON S8 was introduced into the manufacturing process in Montprojekt with the contract with Siemens signed in 2011.

From 2003. to date, Montprojekt is, by the financial performance, among the top 300 companies in Serbia. Award "Economy Winner of Belgrade" Montporjekt had recieved for the year 2004.