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Монтпројект д.о.о.



Since 2001. Montprojekt produces type-tested enclosures and switchboards type MCC SIVACON 8PT as a technology partner to the world's leading manufacturer in the field of electrical engineering - company Siemens.

Software solution based on the one-pole scheme makes it possible that complete production of sheet metal parts for casings, processing of copper rails, installation and connection of equipment as well as the final testing be done in a modern production facility on modern automatic machines.

Distribution cabinets, type SIVACON 8PT are manufactured for currents up to 7400A and peak short circuit current up to 375kA. All produced cabinets have a complete range of approvals and certificates that confirm the required characteristics and qualities of a type-tested cabinets.

In 2011., began the production of the latest generation of Siemens's program switchboards SIVACON S8 which is like his predecessor manufactured in the fixed and withdrawable version.

Distribution cabinets and installations program on our own technology

In addition to licensing programs, on customer's request, Montprojekt also manufactures standard distribution systems for various purposes, including distribution cabinets and cabinets for street lighting, approved by the ED Belgrade.

Zener barriers in the EX version Program

Zener barriers in the EX version are produced using our own technology. All barriers have approval of the Institute for prevention, occupational safety, fire protection and development in Novi Sad